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      FELINE FUN: Invite your child to discover the joy of musical play! The B. Meowsic Keyboard provides lots of opportunities for experimenting with music and sounds. It offers five instrumental sounds (piano, organ, banjo, bells, and an awesome button that plays every note in the key of “meow”), a 20-song playlist, a retractable microphone, and built-in recorder. The keyboard also offers five different beat options including rock, blues, samba, techno, and disco for extra feline fun.
      MUSICAL DISCOVERY: Our B. Meowsic Keyboard has been designed with little ones in mind. A simple on/off switch gets things going and an auto shutoff function signaled by a soft “purr” sound helps saves battery power. Kids can speed things up or slow them down with the two medium-size tempo buttons. Volume is easy to control through two buttons right next to the tempo buttons. Another easy-to-find button on the side of the beat paw instantly retracts the microphone.
      GET CREATIVE: A handy record button lets young Mozarts record whatever they play on the keyboard. A closely located play button stops the recording and instantly plays back your child’s original tune.

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      This silver metallic toy trumpet is perfect for your home orchestra or marching band
      This toy trumpet by Bontempi has 4 keys that can play 4 different notes and the keys are color coded so children can play songs found on the back of the box
      The toy trumpet is plastic and has a shiny silver finish